Thursday, 31 March 2011


WOW I am so Excited !!!!
I made Top 3 over at Frosted Designs, For my Reuse and Recycle Layout I entered in their Fabulous Friday challenge last week... Thank you Girls you have really given me a real spring in my step today..
I thought I would repost the pic so you could all see it again.
Thanks Again Girls..
Tracy xx

Monday, 28 March 2011

Big Brother

I am so overjoyed that I am finally getting My Mojo back and have been getting heaps of layouts done.. This layout of my son when he met his new baby sister for the first time is one that I have been wanting to do for ages.. I have entered it in the the Frosted Designs Sketch Along Tuesday Sketch challenge #11.
This is the sketch #11
This is my interpritation of Sketch #11.. Big Brother....

I sewed the stars and ribbon onto the page with the sewing machine..
Hope you like it..

Recycle Reuse...

For this challenge at Frosted Designs we had to recycle and reuse so I thought I would try a technique that I have been wanting to use for a while and that a friend has shown me.. I used an old soft drink can (cleaned out of course) to make these beautiful and funky embelishments to add to my layout...

Firstly I cut both ends off the can then run it through the CuttleBug to emboss it. I then used my Stayzon ink to highlite the embossed pattern.

I think these homemade embellishments add the shine and funk that I wanted on this layout and I know I will definately use this technique again..
Tracy xx

Wednesday, 23 March 2011


Thought I would post up another girl layout.. Thanks to a wonderful and very talented scrapping friend I have been getting lots of pages done.. This one was quite a tricky one as I originaly did it for a challenge but didn't post it up in time so I went out side my normal way of doing layouts.. The final product though I think I am quite happy with.. Hope you all like it..
Tracy xx

Sunday, 20 March 2011


I thought that since I have posted 2 layouts of my Boy up here in the last couple of weeks it was about time I put up a layout of my 2 Beautiful Daughters.. This is Katie and Abbey in a sisters page.. looking at them together you wouldn't think they ever argued HAHA.. I love using bright funky papers and this one came together really well..

I love these Mushroom Chipboards from Buzz and Bloom.

Tracy xx


I was really excited to hear about this challenge over at Frosted Designs... It is Banners!! I have never used a Banner on my Layout before so this was the Perfect oppitunity to give it a go.. I think it came together really well and I hope you all Like it as well...


Tracy xx

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

New Toy Named ELPHI

Just a quick short post, I am really excited I finally got my new camera today. After months of telling Hubby that my other one was not holding its charge and then Finally going completely crazy and having a shaking problem (all my pics kept coming out wobbly). Hubby ordered me a new camera a nice little Brown Cannon happy snap.
So I will be able to take photos of all my layouts and post them up here, So keep your eyes peeled, I am sure you will be inundated with a whole heap of layouts over the next 24 hours... HAHA
I can't wait for the battery to charge so that I can start snapping away..
Tracy xx
Ps as you can see I have named him Elphi..

Friday, 11 March 2011

Long Weekend Camping

Last weekend was a long weekend here in the land of OZ.. So we got together the 3 kids, some good friends and the Grandparents and headed off for a 2 night camping trip To Grimwade. Grimwade is an old milling town about 25 minutes north of our home so we figured that if anything went wrong it was easy to get home again HAHA.. We haven't had a very good track record of camping previously so we thought it would be safe..
So we packed up the camp trailer and the back of the car with all the required camping gear plus enough food to feed us for about a week, and headed of into the great yonder..
Bush walking
We had a blast and so did the kids, they rode their bikes, swam in the dam, used the rope swing to drop off into the water ( although that did take Abbey about 20 attempts before she finally did it , and then she received a massive applause and cheer from every one that was watching..), played spot light, made a fort and even got to check out the wildlife (a possum up a tree).
Hubby and Katie canoeing.
There were a few little mishaps, Firstly I broke a nail, I know you are all laughing at this it is only a nail after all, but by geez it hurt and it bled quite a bit, (yes I am a sook and woos). Then of course poor Abbey came off of her bike straight onto the gravel taking a massive chunk of skin out of her knee, ( I am surprised that the whole of the South West didn't hear her scream) thank goodness we had our friend there to carry her back to camp, while I attempted to ride her bike back (not a pretty sight). Back at camp Grandma cleaned and covered the gash in her knee as all she was worried about by the was going for a swim in the dam..Then 3rdly poor little miss Katie got bitten by an inch ant (a big Bull ant) so the screaming was on again luckily some ice a Freddo Frog chocie and some paraderm plus (my first aid kit in a tube) fixed that up nice and quick..
So like on all trips we took some great Photos. My wonderful Hubby has taken some Awsome shots of the night sky and us all sitting around the camp sight.. So I hope you enjoy them...
The camp site..
Abbey on the rope swing
Night shot of the campsite..Taken by Hubby.
Night shot over the dam.. Taken by Hubby

Tracy xx

Thursday, 10 March 2011


Frosted designs has a HOT challenge this week. The reciepe challenge has to consist of 3 patterned papers and 2 different fonts..
As this is my first ever post and entry into a blog challenge you can imagine how nervous I am.. So here it is my reciepe challenge layout hope you all like it..

Tracy xx