Friday, 11 March 2011

Long Weekend Camping

Last weekend was a long weekend here in the land of OZ.. So we got together the 3 kids, some good friends and the Grandparents and headed off for a 2 night camping trip To Grimwade. Grimwade is an old milling town about 25 minutes north of our home so we figured that if anything went wrong it was easy to get home again HAHA.. We haven't had a very good track record of camping previously so we thought it would be safe..
So we packed up the camp trailer and the back of the car with all the required camping gear plus enough food to feed us for about a week, and headed of into the great yonder..
Bush walking
We had a blast and so did the kids, they rode their bikes, swam in the dam, used the rope swing to drop off into the water ( although that did take Abbey about 20 attempts before she finally did it , and then she received a massive applause and cheer from every one that was watching..), played spot light, made a fort and even got to check out the wildlife (a possum up a tree).
Hubby and Katie canoeing.
There were a few little mishaps, Firstly I broke a nail, I know you are all laughing at this it is only a nail after all, but by geez it hurt and it bled quite a bit, (yes I am a sook and woos). Then of course poor Abbey came off of her bike straight onto the gravel taking a massive chunk of skin out of her knee, ( I am surprised that the whole of the South West didn't hear her scream) thank goodness we had our friend there to carry her back to camp, while I attempted to ride her bike back (not a pretty sight). Back at camp Grandma cleaned and covered the gash in her knee as all she was worried about by the was going for a swim in the dam..Then 3rdly poor little miss Katie got bitten by an inch ant (a big Bull ant) so the screaming was on again luckily some ice a Freddo Frog chocie and some paraderm plus (my first aid kit in a tube) fixed that up nice and quick..
So like on all trips we took some great Photos. My wonderful Hubby has taken some Awsome shots of the night sky and us all sitting around the camp sight.. So I hope you enjoy them...
The camp site..
Abbey on the rope swing
Night shot of the campsite..Taken by Hubby.
Night shot over the dam.. Taken by Hubby

Tracy xx


  1. Wow, those photos of the night look awesome. Looks like you had a blast.

  2. omg, my baby has left the nest and spreading her wings...Good work, love the pics again, you so lucky to have a hubby that can take amazing photos

    Amanda x

  3. awesome photos looks like you had a fab time :)