Monday, 4 April 2011

Stage 1 Veggie Patch

Ok so to some this may seem a bit crazy (especially to the people that know my gardening skills haha!!) but Hubby and I have decided that we are going to, as a Family, try and grow a veggie patch..
To make  this idea work we do of course have to remove a large section of garden.. Now when I say garden I mean bushes/shrubs that are prickly and have been growing in this spot for Approx 30 years..
So Phase 1 of our grand plan has begun.. Yesterday as a Family we got stuck into clearing Our veggie garden sight.. Hubby with the Chain Saw in hand started hacking away at the bushes while the kids got on the gloves and started dragging various sized branches up to me so I could put them in the pile (will maybe burn off not quite sure yet it is rather large and I don't want to be responsible for half the street burning down..).
Now of course half way through the girls started getting worried about any wildlife that might be left homeless, like the bees and the snails or ants.. so we had to deligate wildlife nature preserves, that if they find any insects of animals we can find another home for them..And of course they were worried about the plants we were cutting down so we also had to remind them that remember we are make a veggie garden so that is a good thing because we will be able to eat all the things we grow, and that will be Yummy.!!
Well after 3 hours of hard work we had finally made a great start and cleared the designated area, ( no wildlife was found except a cricket a lady bug and a whole lot of tennis and golf balls)..
So here are a few pics of Stage 1 of our Veggie Patch adventure...

I hope you will follow our Great Veggie Patch adventure and Hopefully Fingers crossed we will have some great home grown veggies soon..
Tracy xx
P.s no wild life was injured in the making of this Veggie Patch... But my Arms are very sore today.. HEHE!!

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